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Part Two

About Chilliwack

This location is home-based and was opened as a way to expand the reach of Natural Point Therapy while adding some new spins to the practice. Also, unless you have met Erin you probably don't know that she lives in Chilliwack. This commute can be unpredictable and long so opening this location gives her the opportunity to work three minutes from home and spend more time with her dog when her days are slow. 

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What services can you find here?

Where there is Erin, there is massage therapy.  This location offers massage therapy (We do not currently offer direct billing with this service). At this location, we also offer hypnotherapy and life coaching from Erin's mom Angie Martin.   

Our Hope

We hope that this new location and its variety of services offer a refreshing experience for the residents of Chilliwack, a place we have called home for most of our lives!

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