Natural Point crystals are powerful points used for manifestation purposes. Here at Natural Point Therapy, we want to manifest health and wellbeing for all.


We may have a new name but our compassion and care remain the same!

Meet The Team


Erin ,

RMT/ Owner

I have always been passionate about taking care of others. In my youth, I was drawn to taking care of those who couldn't care for themselves. I did this through finding birds with broken wings or concussions after hitting a window and really any other animal I could find and help. As I grew older I realized that I could do that for a living and consider the possibility of becoming a veterinarian. At the age of 17, the perfect time to change your plan you had since you were nine, I decided I needed to do something different... well physics class decided I needed to do something different, as the only thing I understood from that class was Schrodinger's cat and that I the only thing you are not supposed to understand. So I gave it some time and consideration and looked for a new profession. All I knew for certain was I still wanted to take care of someone and had no clue how to do that or what to do with that. So, I thought about my childhood and whom that little girl wanted to be and landed here. That little girl that gave her friends spa treatments for her birthday and massaged her pregnant cousin's tired feet is the girl that got me where I am today.

I am a strong advocate for self-care and mental health and believe the only way to recover from injury is to care for every part of your being. Mind, body, and spirit. I try each day to grow personally and professionally from the experience each individual brings to my practice. Every story is important and the health and well-being of each patient I meet are extremely important. I am eager to refer my patients to practitioners who aid in supplementing their holistic care and provide them with the tools my scope allows me to watch them recover in their own time and unique ways. 

No two people are the same and no recovery is the same. I look forward to meeting you and finding the treatment that best meets your unique recovery journey!

Kurt. Chiropractor

At a young age, I was always fascinated by how the body functioned and wanted to work in the healthcare profession. Sports-related medicine was at the top of my list of careers since it incorporated activity and medicine, both of which interest me.


After completing my undergraduate degree in anatomy and cell biology at McGill University, I considered going into physiotherapy first before completing both a Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a Master of Sports Medicine at the University of Western States in Portland Oregon.


As for how I practice, evidence-based patient-centered care is at the top of my priority. Rehabilitation is also something I try to incorporate in every treatment as soon as possible because I believe that it is key in empowering the patient and giving them control of their own recovery.


When not at the clinic, you can find me going for a run or out on a hike. Martial art and swimming are also things that I have enjoyed and would like to pick up again.




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