Interim Guidelines For Return to Practice


Please be aware that these guidelines are interim due to the growing understanding of Covid-19. These are our current protocols to reduce the risk of exposure for all individuals entering our clinic. Please check-in regularly for updates on guidelines.


On May 19th, 2020 phase two of the BC restart plan was put into place. At this time we have not re-opened the clinic but are preparing to do so June 3, 2020, and this document serves as a guideline to the new protocols we here at Logan Massage Therapy will be following as well as protocols we will need our patients to follow in order to reduce the possible risk of transmission. As with all hands-on services, receiving massage and or chiropractic treatments at this time poses a risk of transmission. It is the responsibility of us all to practice safe and effective protocols to reduce that risk. If you have any questions beyond this document please do not hesitate to reach out to us at


  1. Self- assessment for symptoms and protocols for when to return.

  2. Physical distancing 

  3. Hand Hygiene 

  4. Face touching avoidance 

  5. Enhanced cleaning 

  6. Personal protective equipment 

  7. Professional obligations

For complete transparency, this information has been provided to both our team members and patients. We are all in this together and we want to start our return to work on the same page!


Prior to every workday, we require all team members to perform a self-assessment. If they have ANY symptoms of illness or have any other concerns regarding attending work their appointments for that day will be postponed. 

24-hours prior to every appointment patients will receive a self-assessment questionnaire that MUST be completed before attending the appointment. If a patient has ANY symptoms of illness or any other reason to believe they should not attend their appointment we ask that they cancel with as much notice as possible. 

If a team member or patient has travelled outside of BC recently we request that they follow the government protocol and remain in isolation for 14 days post-travel. Only to return if symptom-free.

When to return protocol:

Patients and therapists may only return to the clinic after illness or travel if they meet one or all of the requirements below:

  1. They have been tested for Covid-19 and are confirmed to be negative. 

  2. They are 100% symptom-free and have followed isolation protocols 

  3. If they have tested positive, a medical doctor MUST provide confirmation of symptoms being resolved and give the final okay for return to the clinical setting.

1)Physical Distancing

Waiting Area/Reception:

  1. At this time we have removed all chairs from the waiting area.

  2. Upon arrival for your appointment call the office (604)534-9299 or scan the QR code on the clinic door to check-in to your appointment, then return to your vehicle and watch for a team member to open the door for you. 

  3. To reduce contact between patients we ask that payment is provided prior to appointment. Please be ready with credit, debit, Apple pay, Samsung pay, or e-transfer. If you are using extended medical, please be sure to call ahead with your plan number. We will add it to your file for your upcoming appointment.

  4. If paying with a card please let us know while remaining 6 feet from the desk. We will set up the machine and place it on the desk through the protective shield. Once the administrator has returned their hands behind the shield please move forward and proceed with a tap where possible.

  5. Treating staff members will come to the reception area only to bring you to the treatment room. Otherwise, patients and our administrator will be the only individuals in the waiting area prior to appointments.

  6. Treating practitioners are to minimize fraternization and gathering in common areas to absolute necessity. 

  7. Appointments and shifts will be staggered to avoid patients crossing paths. Please be aware that as we work through this new protocol we may need to move appointments by 5 minutes or more. We will contact patients if this is required.

  8. After the treatment please leave the clinic promptly. A team member will open the door to allow patients to exit.

  9. Only those with appointments or acting as a guardian or translators may enter the treatment at any time. If patients have brought someone with them to their appointment we ask that they remain in the vehicle during appointments.

  10. Please obey the distancing signage.

Treatment Rooms:

  1. Please allow your practitioner to open and close the door for you during treatment. 

  2. It is not possible to maintain physical distancing in the treatment room.

  3. Pre-screening, physical distancing, hand hygiene, and enhanced cleaning help reduce the risk of transmission and enable a return to practice while minimizing risk of harm.

Public Restroom:

  1. As our hallways are narrow we will now have an in-use sign at the front of the clinic located on the top corner of the protection shield. Please respect the sign at all times. 

  2. This will allow social distancing in our cozy clinic space.

2) Hand Hygiene 

Team Members:

  1. Team members are required to wash hands before and after every individual appointment. As well as when they enter or exit the clinic. 

  2. We also require that lotion/ oil bottles and any other massage tools are washed with the same protocols as hands.


  1. Upon entry and exit of the clinic, patients will be required to apply hand sanitizer which will be provided to them. Thoroughly rubbing hand sanitizer onto hands with the same protocols as hand washing.

  2. If patient hands are noticeably soiled we will require them to be washed at the back sink before entering the treatment room.

3) Face Touching Avoidance

  1. Do not touch your face with unwashed hands 

  2. If you have an itch or need to touch your face for any reason please use a tissue

4)Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Common Areas:

  1. At the start of shift wipe down all light switches, door handles, bathroom, sink area, the water cooler, fridge, microwave, and work area with a bleach and water spray and a damp cloth.

  2. Make sure that there is hand sanitizer at the door and on the top of the desk 

  3. When patients enter the treatment rooms wipe the following surfaces with the bleach and water mixture as well as a damp cloth 

  4. Water cooler

  5. Outside and inside door handle

  6. Countertop 

  7. Point of sales (if used)

  8. Sink handles, toilet handle, and seat, hooks, paper towel dispenser, handrail, soap bottle, doorknob, cabinet handles and light switch if bathroom used

  9. Any other surfaces contacted by the general public

  10. Wipe down your desk space frequently

  11. At the end of the day, floors will be swept and mopped by closing the administrator.

  12. Spray all above surfaces with the cleaner to be left on overnight and wiped down in the morning

Treatment Rooms:

  1. Between patients:

  2. Wipe down table

  3. Spray table and let sit for a minimum of 10 minutes do not wipe it off 

  4. Wipe down the chair, desk, light switches, door handles, hooks, and any adjustment hands you may have touched.

  5. Properly sanitize any tools used for assessment or massage assistance per their care instructions. If no care instructions available spray and leave the cleaning agent on for a minimum of 10 minutes.


  7. End of Shift Protocol:

  8. Wipe all hard surfaces in the room with bleach and water mixture. This includes table legs and bases. 

  9. Wash your equipment and spray with a disinfecting solution to be left overnight 

  10. To avoid the spread of viruses we welcome you to have a specific pair of shoes for work which may be kept at the back or in your locker 

5) Personal Protective Equipment

Team Members:

  1. All team members will be wearing washable cloth masks which will be changed between each patient.

  2. Upon patient request, team members may also utilize gloves and protective goggles which will be disposed of and sanitized respectively after treatment.


  1. The decision to wear personal protective equipment will be left up to the patient’s discretion. If you wish to wear a mask and have one at home please bring your own as supplies such as masks and gloves are limited at this time.

7) Professional Obligation

As registered health care professionals it is our duty to provide a safe treatment space. A level of this security comes from transparency and supporting patient autonomy.  There are risks involved with receiving treatment at any time, this is just a new risk we have to assess and act upon where it is necessary. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and know that if at any time you become uncomfortable or unsure of whether you would like to continue you are allowed to withdraw consent.

Final Notes


  1. This is a new process for us all and we thank you for taking the time to read it. 

  2. In the weeks to come, we will be learning and adapting so please be patient with us.

  3. Your safety is our number one priority and we will strive to provide accurate information based in fact as it is released.

  4. If any updates are made to this protocol we will inform you and may need time to train our team so please pay attention to schedule changes.

  5. We will be contacting those who had appointments to rebook their first appointment back before we reopen the online schedule so if this applies to you please be prepared with dates and times that will work for you so we can get you on the schedule.


Thank you all for your support not only over the last few months but over the last year! We couldn’t have done this without you and we look forward to starting this new chapter and new experience together!



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