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Mindful Massage

Mindful Massage

Mindful massage combines guided meditation, aromatherapy, embodiment practice, and therapeutic massage. Mindful massage is an intuitively led service and may also offer energy work, oracle, and other intuitive and divination practices but this is not guaranteed in every session. In this unique massage experience, you will connect with your body, breath, and your practitioner's therapeutic touch in a way that creates space for a better understanding of your body's reaction to injury, and acute and chronic pain. Through this holistic approach to massage you will better understand pain points in the mind, physical and energetic body allowing better understanding and connection throughout your healing journey. If you suffer from mental health concerns, chronic illness, or reoccurring injuries and strain and traditional therapeutic massage hasn't helped mindful massage might give you the change in treatment you need to see a difference in your wellness and recovery. If you have any questions about this service please email

*This service is eligible for direct billing*

Booking Options

There are three tiers of Mindful Massage. Each will include the above experience but types of grounding practices, divination, and the number of treatment areas may vary based on time available.

Micro Mindful Massage



Mindful Massage

60- minutes


Embodied Mindful Massage

75 - minutes



Truly, such a relaxing, grounding experience! Erin has an incredibly knowledgeable and professional approach to RMT, these skills combined with her holistic, spiritual knowledge completely put me at ease. For someone who typically struggles with clearing my mind and entering a meditative state, I LOVED this service. I would highly recommend a mindful massage to anyone looking to take care of their mind, body and spirit.


What a profound experience! The treatment went beyond my physical symptoms as Erin gently guided me to a place in my psyche where I could release that which was causing me pain and discomfort. I left the clinic feeling unburdened, and 24 hours hours later I still feel lighter, in a better physical and emotional state. I I highly recommend the mindful massage if you want to experience a superior, out of the ordinary treatment.


The mindful massage is both grounding and empowering. The mindfulness practice throughout brings me back to myself and to a genuinely calm and relaxed state. This massage truly brings mind and body together and has been very healing.


I’ve switched to mindful massage from the regular massage and it was a great experience! It is highly recommended after having a week of busyness and stress. During the session I found myself in deep relaxation while pain points were being treated. I have nothing but good feedback about how Erin treat her patients. She shares that deep connection and empathy for her patients.


Erin combines the skill of massage with her innate gift as a guide in meditation, providing stimulation to the mind, body, and spirit. I would recommend for anyone seeking an insightful and holistic massage experience!


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